Mills Haven School Panel on Serving Trans Students

Trans, gay, bisexual, and lesbian youth are coming out at younger ages than ever before.  As such, it is important to start thinking about how best to serve youth who come out in junior high and elementary schools.  The topic of serving trans students in particular has been a highly visible debate causing great concern for many in our communities. Join the altView Foundation for Gender Variant and Sexual Minorities with special guests from the Trans Equality Society of Alberta for a panel driven by personal experience and expertise on how best to serve trans students in the class room and beyond.

Mills Haven Elementary School

73 Main Blvd, Sherwood Park
Tuesday September 29th
6:30 PM

Open to all

One Comment

  1. One more thing notice that the hemssarant was focused on this student’s gender expression, not her sexual orientation. This is very often the case with gay bashing and discrimination the individual is targeted because of others’ interpretation of their gender non-conformity, not knowledge of their orientation. This is only one reason that anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies that don’t explicitly refer to perceived orientation and/or gender identity and expression are inadequate.Legislators currently in Richmond and those of us intending to speak with them need to take note of this.