Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision Statement: (Where we want to go)

Queer and trans people, and those who have relationships with them, live without fear in a society where they are included, recognized, and celebrated.

Mission Statement (How we’re going to get there)

To build diverse pro-queer and pro-trans communities in Alberta through advocacy, education, empowerment, collaboration, and the arts.

Core Values (What will guide us)

We welcome and include everyone regardless of identity and orientation
– It’s vital to us that people across Alberta feel welcome and included in the work that we do.


We believe that no one should have to leave their community to feel supported
– The defining value at our founding, we envision a future where no person needs to leave their community to be valued and supported for who they are. Many of our staff, volunteers, and partners have experienced that feeling of not being safe or welcomed for who they are, and the need to leave our communities to feel supported is something we endeavor to eliminate.


We are intersectionally aware and challenge privilege
– Supporting the needs of LGBTQ2S+ people requires acknowledging that intersections can impact the lived experiences of those people. We strive to be aware of those intersections, respectful of different lived experiences, and deliver support that is more holistic. We also utilize our platform and privileges to amplify the voices of the marginalized and to work as their allies in challenging systems that impact their lives.


We work genuinely and respectfully in the spirit of collaboration
– Partnerships have been a focus for altView since our founding. We work diligently to develop and expand our partnerships, which has enabled us to create supports and impacts in more communities every year. Collaboration it critical to our goals and we are thankful for each of our partners.

We lead by example, working fearlessly and joyfully
– It’s critical for us to be leaders in Alberta, and a vital part of being a leader is being fearless in our pursuit of LGBTQ2S+ equality and joyful in the way we interact with all stakeholders.