Minutes for the Edmonton LGBTQ2S+ Community Summit (April 2019)

In the wake of numerous conflicts within the Edmonton LGBTQ2S+ community which culminated in a series of controversies for the Pride Centre of Edmonton and the cancellation of Edmonton Pride Festival events, The altView Foundation’s board of directors chose to host a summit that would bring together as many community leaders and representatives from organizations as we could. The intention was to create a safe space to share perspectives and pains, and hopefuly deescalate tensions that had been rising for some time.

The summit took place on April 25th and minutes were taken by altView’s board president, Stephanie. These minutes were sent to community partners in attendance to ensure accuracy and will now be hosted publicly for community members to read. It is our hope that by sharing these minutes, community members will get a wider understanding of the many nuanced perspectives that were brought to the table as reconciliation in any form always begins with sharing truths and building empathy.

For a PDF version of the file, it can be viewed here.