Supportive Parents Press Release

The altView Foundation for Gender Variant and Sexual Minorities is excited to announce the official launch of our website and Supportive Parents Conference.  altView’s mission is to build diverse, pro-queer and pro-trans communities in Alberta through advocacy, education, empowerment, collaboration, and the arts.  In this announcement, we are excited to offer two distinct opportunities for parents and caregivers to receive support as they work to make our communities safer for the LGBTQ2S+ folk in their lives.


Our organization regularly receives questions about how to support youth coming out and what parents can do to show their children that it is safe to come out. These frequently turn into some of our happiest and most fruitful conversations. As such, we are eager to expand work with parents and caregivers in an official capacity.  The goal of launching these two intertwined endeavours is to work on building pro-queer and pro-trans communities by providing opportunities for peer support and peer knowledge sharing.


On Saturday May 12th, the altView Foundation will be hosting the Supportive Parents Conference. The conference is open to all and is operating based on cost recover with tickets being $20.  Panels will cover important topics like supporting youth who are coming out and youth who are transitioning. There will also be panels for coaches and professional caregivers for wrap around support in our community. Further, the conference is happening the day before Mother’s Day, which we feel is a perfect lead in to the holiday.

The new website which will have ongoing content and is designed to offer a space wherein parents and caregivers can share their experiences, knowledge, and support with each other.  Through a question of the month format, parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to share their stories to help others navigate what for many is new territory.  The website will also feature blogs from guest parents and caregivers to speak in a longer format on topics related to making the world a better place for LGBTQ2S+ folk.

We look forward to helping parents and caregivers to make this world a better place for the LGBTQ2S+ people they love.

Information and registration can be found at