New Sherwood Park Groups Lauching in April

altView started in Sherwood Park. It has been our home and is still the base of our operations to this date. Our staff spend most of their time around the county in schools and in community spaces. We have 3 new programs in Sherwood Park that will meet monthly at the same time.

When: April 18th 6PM

What: 3 new groups, all running at the same time

Food: YES!

Where: Family and Community Services at Strathcona County Hall




Youth OUTlet:

is a peer led group that engages in activities picked by youth in attendance. activities might include board game nights, movies nights, discussion nights, and craft nights. Ages 14-24

Parent OUTlet

is a group designed to connect parents of queer and trans youth. The group is designed to be peer driven and open to anyone.

Teacher OUTlet

is a group to support teachers that are running, starting, supporting, or interested in getting involved in GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances) or QSAs (Queer-Straight Alliances)