What’s in a name? (GSAs)

The name of a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is important, but calling it a GSA itself is not necessary.  There are many wonderful alternatives that can replace a GSA.  Many students are opting to go with QSAs (Queer Straight Alliances) and QTSAs (Queer Trans Straight Alliances) These alternatives are more inclusive and reflect a shift in the language that many youth are using.

The one thing that is critical to the GSA is the name actually reflecting the participants.  There is significant pressure put on many groups as they are forming to call themselves Diversity clubs.  Diversity Clubs are a different entity with a different focus; they are clubs that are designed to talk about intersections and connections between different groups, but are not necessarily a safe space for LGBTQ students.  It is this safe space that is so vital for GSAs.  As such, we at altView advocate for the existence of both clubs, each with their own mandate and hopefully non-overlapping schedules.  Because the clubs are related, it is reasonable to expect some crossover of both clubs for participants.