GSA Myths

Myth: GSAs will make students a target for bullying.

Truth: GSAs have a history of decreasing instances of bullying in schools


Myth: GSAs with low attendance are pointless.

Truth: While significant attendance is great, GSAs have impacts on students regardless of their attendance.  Just having a GSA can change a school culture.  Also remember that GSAs take time to build up, especially in schools with other clubs competing for student attention.  Don’t lose hope.


Myth: GSAs aren’t needed because there are no queer or trans students in the school.

Truth: studies have shown that self identitied LGBTQ people comprise of between 10 and 14% of Canadian populations.  Just because yo0u don’t know about them, doesn’t mean that they are not there.  They might not feel safe being out yet.


Myth: GSAs are “hook up” clubs.

Truth: While the topic of sex does come up and students who meet through GSAs may begin relationships, this is true of any club. All students have sexual orientations. (remember that straight is an orientation itself).  As such, student might meet and begin relationships out of chess, debate, diversity, or any club you can imagine.  GSAs, more than anything else are about safe spaces.