Best Approaches to Working with Staff (for youth)

When starting a GSA in a school, create a positive relationship with the staff. This includes, but may not be limited to, the principal, the administrative supports, counselors, and GSA Teacher Liaison(s).

Oftentimes the staff may need support, resources, education, and tools to help support their queer and trans students. It is worth discussing with the GSA Teacher Liaison, counselors, and principal if professional development is an option you can explore. (refer them to altView, we can help them)

By law, all students in Alberta are entitled to a GSA if requested.  If you encounter challenges with administration, school boards, teachers, staff, or even students, some of the following points may help you overcome objectives:

  • These clubs exist to create safe spaces for LGBTQ students.
  • The clubs are proven to create safer schools
  • Academic performance of students can even be enhanced by GSAs
  • Schools with GSAs are shown to have reduced bullying and harassment
  • No one is forced to go to a GSA, they are entirely voluntary
  • These clubs welcome everyone