Saturdays 7:30-9:30PM (doors open at 7) at the Pride Centre of Edmonton


What is it?

Thought OUT is an all ages queer discussion group for anyone who wants to engage in critical and respectful discussion and debate with a focus on topics relevant to the queer community.


How does the group work?

The group operates with a casual moderator(s) who volunteers to help keep the group on topic and to welcome new members. When the meeting starts, the moderator greets everyone and gets the group to introduce themselves by saying their first name.


How are topics Chosen?

Topics are chosen by suggestions from the group at the beginning of the meeting or from a list which is constantly generated by the group– this list most often addresses topics which came up in previous meetings but were not discussed because of time constraints. On occasion the group will choose to view a piece of queer media and discuss it either that same night or in the following meeting. If a topic resonates well with the group, the discussion may be extended to the next week. Similarly, if a topic does not generate as much discussion as will fill the time, multiple topics may be discussed in the same night.


Where do we meet?

Currently we are meeting at the Pride Centre of Edmonton at 10608 – 105 Avenue Saturday Evenings from 7-9:30 PM. (doors open at 7, groups discussion starts at 7:30) Please check in on our Facebook page for regular updates.


What kind of topics have you discussed?

Topics may include: relationships, school and workplace issues, coming out, queer health (mental and physical), queer representation in the media, straight and queer culture, intersectionality, racism, heteronormativity, commercialism, feminism, and many more.

Code of Conduct

Thought Out is an all-ages discussion group providing a safe, supportive, and fun environment for LGBTQ people and their allies.  All participants are welcome and encouraged to suggest topics for conversation either at the group or on the facebook page.  Everyone’s voice is given an equal weight.  In the group, we use a flag to signal that the group is off topic.  Topics that are selected in advance are posted on the website.
When we meet, we:

  •  treat each other with respect and leave personal disputes at the door.
  • try not to make assumptions about each other’s gender identity and sexual orientation.
  •  respect each other’s privacy
  • take turns speaking, and we challenge opinions, not each other as people.
  • try to be non-disruptive with our electronic devices.
  •  take time to return our environment to the way we found it or better
  • keep confidential what was said and take away what was learned
  • make an effort to be tactful and considerate of others, as our topics can be personally sensitive.
  • If you feel that the code is not being followed, please bring it up in the group, or in private with an altView representative.


What is the schedule of upcoming discussions?

April 7, 2018
Gun Control Discussion (And How it affects the queer community)

April 14, 2018
Cards Against Humanity Making/Playing

April 21, 2018

April 28, 2018
Chocolate Tasting

May 5, 2018
Drag Makeover from Court Royalty

May 12, 2018
Discussion on Queerness and Poverty (Guest Speaker)

May 19, 2018
May Long: No Thought Out

May 26, 2018
HIV Edmonton Presentation

June 2, 2018
River Valley Walk

June 9, 2018
Pride/Movie Night

June 16, 2018
Queer Island Discussion

June 23, 2018
Party Games

June 30, 2018
Canada Day Long: No Thought Out